This article first appeared in Mojo magazine

In 1971 after a strange sequence of events I found myself playing guitar on Imagine. A case of being in the right place at the right time.

We were signed to Sherry/Copeland Enterprizes who had offices in Dryden Chambers just off Oxford St. I used to spend a large part of every weekday hanging about there. 7 or 8 people used to share the office, Continue reading


In 1979 I was sharing a large house in Oxford Gardens W10 with my good friends Lizzie, Pete and Charlie. We three chaps were working in various branches of the music business  and Lizzie was a blur of activity. Life was never dull. It was a happy house, we all got on well and our social life revolved around mutual friends and of course lots of partying. Our house cat Flora had just produced a litter of kittens. Ahh! Continue reading